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  • A perfect alternative to hot water bottles, our handmade heat and grain pillows are made exclusively from organic natural materials. Available fillings are organic cherry stones, organic spelled and organic millet. 
    Simply warm it up in the oven, in the microwave or on the tiled stove and enjoy. The small size is perfect for babies and toddlers and the larger version is ideal for adults to treat neck, back or stomach pain, among other things.


    Fabric: Fine cotton, poplin made from 100% Oeko-Tex Standard cotton, printed with a message in a bottle floating in the sea on a beige and white background.


    small (15cm x 15cm)
    large (30cm x 15cm)



    cherry stones:
    Heat in the oven at 150°C for about 10-15 minutes. Be careful not to heat the pillow and the cherry stones too much!
    In the microwave, heating takes about one to two minutes at 600 watts.


    The temperature in the oven must not exceed 70 degrees. If the chaff is heated more, the grains can decompose. After 15 minutes at the latest, the spelled pillow is ready for use
    They can be comfortably heated in the microwave at 400 to 600 watts in around two minutes


    Preheat the oven to 80° Celsius for 5 minutes, spray the baking tray with a little water, place the heating pad on top and heat for 10 minutes at 80° Celsius
    Heat the pillow in the microwave at 600 watts (medium setting) for 1 minute

    message in a bottle - grain pillow/ heat pillow made from organic cotton

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