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The Scented Collection

Our handmade scented sachets come in different shapes and can be refilled with any herbs at any time thanks to a sewn-in Velcro fastener. Available filling options are lavender, rose petals, stone pine or completely without for you to fill yourself. Like all our products, they are handmade and made exclusively from recycled (production scraps, clothing, etc.) or organic materials. The perfect choice for a nature-friendly fragrance and as a gift in which you can hide a little surprise.



"Pyrascents" 11cm x 11cm x 11cm

Hearts 11cm x 10cm x 2cm

kissenS-kirschkern spuken-deco.jpg
kissen-night clouds-combi.jpg
kissen-chirp chirp-combi.jpg
kissen-snail farm-combi
kissen L-dreams-side.jpg
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