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About Burst

As a company we take our responsibilities in waste management and from whom, where and how we purchase our resources extremely seriously. Sustainability is the future of every business worldwide and we are proud and determent to make it our mission to spread the word and show consumers with our products that we do have a wonderful future ahead of us if we buy sustainably and locally. All our items are handmade in Munich, Germany with recycled and organic fabrics. All other resources used such as haberdasherry are bought locally and are as eco-friendly where and when ever possible. The industry is still and always developing ...

Burst was founded in 2012 by Emmanuella Flierl in London, England and is now based in Munich, Germany.

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As a native of Munich, I emigrated to the English capital in 2007. As a teenager, I often picked up the sewing needle and tweaked my clothes a bit, but I bought my first sewing machine in 2010. After sewing and repairing my own clothes, I started creating my own stage outfits. After sewing clothes and accessories for friends and family, I got my first official sewing job from Junky Styling, an upcycling company in East London. This was followed by countless small and large orders from mostly British companies and young designers, as well as repair and copying orders from private customers. In the meantime, piles of fabric scraps accumulated in my sewing room, which of course I didn't want to throw away because you could actually make so much out of them. It would also reduce my material costs. After developing and producing a few products, I made my first sales in various London markets. I have been back in Munich since 2018 and my passion for my company and sustainability in the textile industry continues to grow.

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